What happens when…


Shared on Flickr by Toni F. Mestres

Students come to school to check Facebook and go home to learn?

The structures meant to enable in fact block?

Students love to learn but hate being taught?

Twitter is a more responsive teacher?

The connections happen in spaces that are banned in school?

Students band together to write their own textbook in a Google doc, while the outdated textbook is used in class?

The mandated channels are empty and the flow is out in the open?

Students stay up late to work on their interests and come to school to rest?

Students see school as corrupt but are told to conform?

The top down is vapid and the flattened is full?

Students have much to say but no voice?

Activities that empower are seen as antisocial?

Students stop asking questions to buy right answers?

Talents are left to rot, while compliance is gilded?

Student confuse learning with hoop jumping?

Our informal learning becomes more vital than our formal?


What happens???

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