How do you deliver your milk?


Shared on Flickr by ZachW.

Growing up milk was delivered to our front door every Friday morning. The milk came in glistening glass bottles with a small mouth capped with a paper lid you peeled back to reveal…lovely, white, cold milk  When the milkman delivered he would ring the doorbell and we would run to the door in excitement, perhaps for a chance to wave to him as he hopped back into his milk delivery truck.
Eventually the glass bottle disappeared and was replaced by plastic bags. Then the milk man disappeared completely.

Now our milk arrives like all groceries; unmarked by occasion or a doorbell chime.


“New” information used to enter our teaching world on a monthly basis when the Science teacher magazine showed up in our trays and slowly circulated through the department; there was no rush as we had 4 weeks before the next magazine showed up! Occasionally the principal or other admin might put a photocopied article in our trays. Information moved slowly and there was very little of it to manage. Once in a while someone at a staff meeting might share “a really good link” with the entire staff and we would all go “Ah! Wow!”

Today we live in an information saturated and highly distracted world. We may have the very best idea, innovation or event but it may get lost in the blizzard. We may be doing the most innovative and exemplary practices but if no one knows, does it matter? Will it make the difference we hope it will? How do we deliver our information so our audience hears the message in a clear and timely manner? How do we package it to best signify to the receiver that it is in fact quality and worth their time?

We can bottle our message without dilution or comprise. Committing time and brain power towards developing our message delivery does not lower the overall integrity of our message. Nor should it be beneath us to consider…if we really believe that our message, information or product has value.

We may have the very best milk but no milkman.