Lead from the heart, by example and in the service of others

Leadership? I am “just a teacher”!  I am not in a leadership role!

I fell so trapped by my job! There is no way I can impact change, I feel so powerless!

No way do I want to be in leadership! I don’t have any leadership skills!

From the Heart

A student misses a test date. This is the second time it has happened with this particular student. You naturally feel annoyed with this inconvenience. You have the reflexive thought: That student is just taking advantage of me! I have to put a stop to this! Before you know it the whole class will be doing this!!

When the student returns you have reflected on the situation and you say “Hey let’s chat at break today” At break you start the conversation with an open mind and an open heart. You listen to what is going on with this student in this situation and avoid carrying  the disappointment from other situations into this one. You treat the student as a person not a situation.

You lead from the heart.

By Example

When you stand up to greet your students at the door.
When you smile and look them in the eye.
When you greet them by name.
When you walk down the hall, say hi and mean it.
When you stop to pick up garbage.
When you say please and thank you.
When you say sorry I did not mean to hurt you feelings.
When you take time to ask “Hey are you ok?”
Each interaction a possibility. Each child looking to find a role model. Will you be that person?

You lead by example.

In the Service of Others

When you empower another to grow or provide them the opportunity to shine.
When you let someone know either directly or indirectly “I know you can do it!”
When you let someone know you believe in them and believe they are capable of great things.
When you ask how can I help? What burden can I carry for you so you can grow?
When you lift someone up unselfishly, with no other motive, than to serve.

You lead in the service of others.

Where will you lead? How will you lead?  What is your leadership style?

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