work or WORK?

work can be organized neatly into binders or filing cabinets. work can be photocopied, attached to emails, and posted to websites with one click.
WORK is fluid and lives off the page. WORK shifts shape and morphs with the moment, in the moment.

work is compliance, completion and just enough. work is black and white, yes or no and containable to a page or a line.
WORK has no beginning or end, makes time disappear and lacks a fixed destination. WORK is messy, challenging and exhilarating all at the same time.

work feels heavy and flat. work is tedious and long, and sits just at the surface.
WORK wakes you up, lights you up and unbalances as it re-balances. WORK comes from deep within and extends out.

work sits in piles on the desk, forgotten once out of sight and recycled. work pushes you out. work says everything.
WORK lingers with you like the fragrance of a favorite perfume. WORK pulls you in, creating space for you to find your way. WORK waits for you to speak.

work is a checklist held externally from you and for you. work is tiny fragments, unidentifiable as to the material they belong. work keeps you infinitely busy.
WORK feels unencumbered, unknown, and unfettered. WORK feeds you forward. WORK paints the bigger picture. WORK says: take your time, I will wait.

work maintains stasis and feeds back to status quo.
WORK unsettles. WORK lifts up and creates a path beyond the farthest horizon.

work is a clone, each piece looking identical to the last. work is made up of puzzle pieces already assembled.
WORK is as unique as DNA and snowflakes. WORK is unpainted and yet unknown.

WORK can simultaneously break and mend your heart.
work will steal your heart and soul.

work can lead to WORK. WORK will never lead to work.
WORK will contain pieces of work. work cannot encompass WORK.


which do you do? which do you want to do?
which do you want for our children?

work or WORK?

4 thoughts on “work or WORK?

  1. Work… I love it and I hate it all at the same time sometimes. Sometimes I love it so much it makes my heart sing, sometimes I hate it some much it makes my heart ache. Why do we work so much? Even if it’s not for the money, even if we chose a path we are passionate about, we give up our time, our souls to do many many things. I see my students doing that even more than me. Wanting to be perfect and to know everything there is to know about everything. We live in a crazy world… I really enjoyed reading your post, as well as watching the video attached to it. It reminded me of one of my favorite TED talks. It’s called “The list” and it’s by Drew Dudley. Have you seen it? Cheers 🙂

    • Love it! A Ted Talk I have not watched, what a great gift! Watching right now.:)
      Work is such a double sided sword, I hear and feel what you are saying. I guess I try to keep it in perspective by trying to make sure I am doing the “right kind” of work (ie the work that makes my heart sing) and that I try to keep the big perspective in view. Our world is a pressure cooker of “do more” and “be better” it is an ongoing charge to make “our own” list.
      Love the talk and thanks for sharing!

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