#flipclass as community

i began this space to share my journey as i experimented with my teaching practice. i created “white space” for this tinkering by archiving my “outdated” self, the stand and deliver me, onto video. this archiving allowed me the freedom, time and infrastructure to explore and recreate my role in the classroom space.

it would be easy to keep the story all about me, as one teacher, tinkering. but it really wasn’t. it was much more about discovering, as you would an enchanted garden, a flourishing community of teachers who also wanted to tinker with their practice…and they were willing to do so in an open, collaborative and collective manner. no one had THE answer on how to do #flipclass perfectly, or even what exactly #flipclass was…we all came to it with the mindset “let’s figure this thing out together”…”let’s try to see what we can come up with”…together.

over time…months and years…we created a collective understanding, held together, as to what we created #flipclass to be; it was created on the fly, simultaneously by many different practitioners. #flipclass adapted and evolved within and through the practice of the teachers in the community. yesterday, chatting with @crystalkirch, who is one of the many peeps i began this journey with over 2 years ago…it hit me…yes, that’s what #flipclass has grown into; a community, that’s where #flipclass exists and is held, that is where it was created.

this may all sound like a load of malarkey to you, convoluted and obscure. i am ok with that. you would need to ask other #flipclass peeps if this how they see #flipclass before based on their responses, you could say with authority….umm, Carolyn, you have it all wrong!

and so in this iteration of my definition of #flipclass (as i have tried to define it many times) i choose to describe #flipclass as a community of teachers. who either through f2f or virtual means, implicitly or explicitly agree to support one another, co-create ideas, and problem solve actively together, as a community. #flipclass is not possible as a single teacher and instead, is only possible by the combined efforts of many. there is no one way to #flipclass, there is no manual, no form, no checklist…nope #flipclass is a group of people…a community.

you may be thinking…well…so what…this happens everywhere and with lots and lots of teachers…you are probably right. but…maybe we all have to find our own, or rather we all have to forge our own connections with others to create community.

and so for me, this time, #flipclass is community.