Celebrating some amazing teachers who share!

I know some amazing teachers! Teachers who share their work with the world. I know many have benefited from their openness and ethic of sharing. I know too, that sharing can come with challenges and disappointments.

Here I wanted to celebrate 3 teachers I know who share and whose sharing has inspired me (I know many others who share as well).

The first teacher I want to celebrate is Crystal Kirch, who is the queen of blogging, WSQ and highlighting!! Crystal is a blogger extraordinaire; her commitment to regular and detailed reflections have benefited 100’s of teachers. Crystal’s letter home to parents is exemplary and moreover she has collected parent letters from many other educators to share (double share).

My other favorite sharer would have to be my work partner Graham Johnson who has the most amazing You Tube channel (no bias at all) that is viewed across the country and has helped countless students through math. Graham even made a fancy pants video for parents welcoming them and providing relevant information about the upcoming semester in his #flipclass. Moreover he maintains a stunning website with his course materials.

Last but not least, I am always inspired by my incredibly talented #flipclass colleague Stacey Roshan for her high quality and through work. it is evident that Stacey loves her job, her students and is committed to producing high quality work for her classes. Whether on her blog or her You Tube Channel Stacey demonstrates excellence and exceptional commitment. Below is Stacey’s welcome back to school video.

Kudos to Crystal, Graham and Stacey for setting the example and willingly sharing with all of us.

You all make me proud to be a teacher!!

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