Symabaloo Just for You!

So many links, so little time! Where was that link again?

Ok time to get organized! Summer is slipping away…..

Symbaloo is a fast, easy way to provide one click access for students, parents or teachers in a visual and user friendly way. The tiles can be colour coded, organized and tiles can be customized with icons. Your webmixs can be shared with the world. The major time investment involved is in the creation of the tiles for the webmix, but once it’s made, tada, beautiful!

Below is a picture of a sample webmix I made for AP Biology teachers to use. It took me about an hour to create tiles for this webmix (I already had links just in various spots). I like the idea that during the rush of the school day I know my most used links are but one click away. I also like how tiles can be organized and colour coded. For example in this mix, yellow tiles are video resources, orange are lab related, grey are teacher websites etc.


Symabaloo makes a great launch pad for yourself or for your students. I find students are not big fans of clicking around endlessly (is anyone really?). This gives them one click access to links and the coloured tiles looks friendlier and less over whelming than a long list of hyperlinks.

Ideas on how to use

Classroom teacher: Create a class launch pad for the start of the year of most used websites. Share this with students and parents.

Librarian: Set up Symbaloo as a home page on school computers. Create a webmix for teachers and students common areas of study or interest. Here is an example of a webmix created by my students on the topic of Digital Citizenship for teachers to use.

Admin: Share the blogs you read with your staff (Here is an already created example). Or create a launch pad for your school’s social media sites and other useful resources to share with parents, create a QR code for the site and share with parents on back to school night.

Departments: As a department you could co-create a webmix of the most used sites in your subject area, including teacher websites and have this ready to share with new department members.

Going further ideas:  Gets students as a class to create for each unit over the course of the year. Have students create one at end of year for next year’s class.


Symbaloo User Guide

6 thoughts on “Symabaloo Just for You!

  1. Hi Carolyn, Can you tell me how you are able to embed a symbaloo into your wordpress blog? The wp help site says it is impossible. Does it have something to do with the fact you do not have wordpress in your URL? Thanks for you help. By the way, I am enjoying reading your blog!

    • Hi Heather, thanks for the lovely comment earlier! Appreciate you taking the time to read and comment.
      In regards to your question I don’t think Symbaloo will embed in WP. WP is fussy on what it will let you embed. I used a snipping tool to take an image of my Symbaloo page and used that (but if you had a website site, say a Weebly site you could embed). As far as I know you can only embed You Tube videos and images on WP site. Hope that helps, would be happy to answer any other questions if that does not answer yours.
      Good luck!


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