We are all #edustars

I love having heroes. At any given time I have several people who I look to for inspiration and growth. They are usually people who you might know too, edustars. Some of my heroes are Eric Mazur, Paul Andersen, Jon Bergman. They are people who appear to have deep passion for their work and as a consequence are out on the cutting edge of their field. They are ground breakers and guides for the rest of us.

But they are also people. Just like you and me.

Sometimes the shine from our heroes can blind us. Sometimes the shine is just that and we need to look for the source of the shine; the hard work, the circumstances, the connections. I am no way trying to diminish the greatness of my heroes. Just sometimes I just have to watch that I don’t forget that the greatness resides in all of us.

Each and every one of is an edustar. Each of us is a hero for someone else. Each of needs to remember to foster our shine and not just run in the direction of someone else’s shine.

So this week my heroes are…

Judy, who fearlessly dove into Twitter this week. I am really proud and inspired by you.

Robin, who is becoming an ed tech coach and ready for the challenge.

Stacey, for being authentic to who you are as a teacher and owning it.

Amy, a brave and ferocious learner creator who shares willingly and consistently.

Brad who patiently and lovingly shared how he creates his inspiring notebooks.

The students who stood up in front of adults to celebrate their learning.

Chris who so enthusiastically presented and gave his whole heart to it.

Nick who worked with focus all week, has 35 books on his list to read and is fired up to get back to school.

We are all #edustars.

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