Blogging blocks and long walks.

And the livin’ is easy

                                             George Gershwin

Lots of time, blogging should be easy-peasy, just crank those suckers out!!

OK. Here goes.

Draft 1. Almost done. I’ll finish it up tomorrow. Yup, first thing in the morning when I am fresh.


Hmmm……………………………………………..that kind of sucks. Trash it.

Ok. Start fresh. New topic.

How about a blog on dreaming? Ahhh wrote one on that already, same thoughts. Again. BORING.

I know! How about one on summer goals, that would be good! Yeah let’s do that!

Ok. Here goes.

Typing, typing, typing………………..

Days pass.

Reading. Reading always gets me inspired to write. I’ll read Steven Johnson‘s Where Do Good Ideas Come From today and blog about it tomorrow? Good plan!

Ahhhhh….I’ll just have a little nap, that’s what holidays are for, right?


More days.

Ahhhh…that is boring! No pizzaz to that.


How about one on all the mistakes I thought I made in last month but realized they were good mistakes, necessary ones?

Yeah. Ok here goes……

700 words. Great start girlfriend, you are on a blogging roll now! Now we’re cooking with oil! I’ll come back to it later tonight when it’s cooler. Yeah good plan.

Ahhh there is the dog. We’ll just go down to the Greenway, that’ll clear my head out anyway.  Yeah good plan.

Look at that, David Truss just wrote an amazing post on being busy, yup he nailed that topic shut! I’ll just comment on that.


How about one debriefing CanFlip? Lots to say there!

Ummm, kind of did that in These are Real People?? And Audrey did an amazing post summarizing it. Yeah. I’ll just comment on hers. Solid plan.

Oh look at that Royan Lee just posted something. Jin and Tonic, that sounds interesting. I’ll just go read that. What a heart warming post!! Inspired now.

Back at it! I am focused this AM. 2 cups of coffee and I am raring to go!!

Ok. What’s the topic again?

I really wanted to move blogs, maybe I should do that first?


Oh I know. I’ll do a summary of Will Richardson ‘s ISTE session, lots of meaty stuff there. And I really wanted to listen to it again. Yeah. Solid.

And he had some awesome links…what where they? Margaret Wheatley’s Willing to be Disturbed, that’s it. I wanted to read that.

 I’ll just print those up first. Yeah. I’ll take them out back and read them in the shade. Perfect.

Ahh there is the dog again. She needs more exercise, she sure has put on some heft this winter.

Ok. Back at it. Minute 32. I’ll just make some iced tea.

Want some?

While I’m gone you can watch this.

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