#ISTE13: Contrasts


#ISTE13 was chock-a-block full of contrasts and conflicts. The event was an overload of messages about all that is right in education AND all that is wrong…

The grace and charm of San Antonio river walk with the din and sin on the vendor floor.

The call to change the world with the call to believe a product will.

Think for ourselves but accept the swag.

Connect with old friends while trying to make time for new.

Be inspired one moment and deeply disillusioned the next.

Juggle between people I know and want to know with people I think I should know.

Sell your soul, your brand but keep your integrity.

Know why you came and forget why you did.

Think big, dream big yet feel small in the crowded hall.

Hear stories shared from the heart, hear calculated stories sharp and cold.

Consider open internet testing and learn about a program that will mark for you.

Gather some big boulder ideas, that move in and occupy 1000’s of neurons. Listen to a barrage of tricks that pelt your skin.

Be here for yourself but feel beholden to bring home something amazing.

Know many but so few.

Connect with the deep humanity of some and surprised by the callousness of others.

Struggle with WIFI yet see many wearing Google Glass.

As I leave #iste13 l am tired, bombarded, hollowed out, yet restored, serene and grounded.

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One thought on “#ISTE13: Contrasts

  1. Wow! Impressed. You are so on the mark here Carolyn. I connect with so much of what you have written here. As much as there is such a contrast all over the conference the ability to pull together so many incredible educators under one roof will inspire me to save and return next year.

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