I am moving!


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Back in May I had a pivotal discussion with George Couros. I won’t give you the nitty-gritty details here, much of the convo is documented on Verena Robert’s great post Commander Chris Hadfield, Canadian Hero and Education Disruptor. However the end result was I woke up the following Monday morning and realized I had been wrong (big step!).

Wrong about how I saw myself. Wrong about how I viewed the change process within the system. Wrong in that I had seen my work, myself, my initiatives, as outside of and different from the system. Somehow George’s comments had caused me to reflect and admit to myself that I was wrong in my point of view (although at the time I vehemently disagreed with him).

Move forward a month and my valued Twitter friend Chris Wejr writes an insightful post: If We Have a Good idea Don’t Give it a Name, which extends my thinking further. Chris has previously pushed my thinking in how I have defined myself as a “flipped class” teacher.

I wonder: Is my own definition of myself is my greatest hurdle?; Do I need to define myself?; How do I define the change process; through my own point of view or merged with others?

I step away.

I reflect deeply and realize I DO want to actively engage in the change process here, in this system.

And so…when I see an opportunity that I had previously seen as not relevant to me…I jumped.


This weekend past I packed up and moved out of my classroom. After 22 years in a classroom, I will be leaving the classroom to join our school district’s Instructional Leadership Team.

I am sure.

I am sure, I am ready work in this system, to meet people where they are at, to listen, to empathize, and to grow with them.

Thank you to all that have supported me as a teacher.

Thank you to so many that have encouraged and fostered my growth.

I am scared of the unknown but I know you have my back.

Let’s go! Together.

“When we least expect it, life sets us a challenge to test our courage and willingness to change; at such a moment, there is no point in pretending that nothing has happened or in saying that we are not yet ready. The challenge will not wait. Life does not look back. A week is more than enough time for us to decide whether or not to accept our destiny.”
― Paulo CoelhoThe Devil and Miss Prym

14 thoughts on “I am moving!

  1. Hey Carolyn…it was great meeting you at ISTE and after many conversations putting a “face to the handle”. What I have learned through my time in administration is that you will gain more respect from those that you serve when you admit you are wrong and fix it. It also shows that you are willing to learn. When we are always right, what do we learn? When you are working with so many, your mistakes will often be front and center and you have to be able to own them which you have totally done. Kudos to you for putting it in such an open forum.

    You will do amazing in the job and I wish you all of the luck in the world!!! I wish you the best and don’t hesitate to connect if you need anything!

    • Hey George…likewise…I was thrilled to put your face to the handle! Enjoyed your session so much, my take away was “Move from your point A to your point B” that resonated with me.
      I appreciate the time and energy you have invested in others and the change process. You really pushed me…at the time I did not like it at all. But it caused me to reflect deeply and grow. I needed that. I was stuck in a self repeating story that kept me out of the change loop.
      Hard to be wrong but harder to stay locked in an isolated framework.

  2. This is wonderful news Carolyn. You will do so well. Not sure yet exactly what kind of leadership position you are taking on but I am very happy for you. I think you are very ready for this step. Glad to hear that George gave you a wee push. Thats awesome. Let me know if I can be of any help as well.

    • Thanks Sheila for your support and enthusiasm! Haha, I am not exactly sure what the job entails either 🙂 It will be a steep learning curve for me and some unlearning of ingrained thought patterns, but I am so excited for the new challenge and new learning ahead. I look forward to sharing about it!!

  3. Congrats Carolyn!
    Rest assured that your passion, enthusiasm and brilliance will bring you many successes. I look forward to connecting in the future. Happy jumping….and best of luck.

    • Thank you Johnny for your warm wishes and for your ongoing support. As you know, every new chapter is bittersweet. Letting go of what you love dearly is hard, simultaneously a new adventure is exciting and inviting. I am still processing the letting go part! But I am very excited to dive in!! I look forward to hearing about your next chapter and where is takes you 🙂

    • Hi Jacob! I may have to ask for you insight from time to time as I know you have done a lot of deep learning in this area. Appreciate your support and the link, looks useful. I have a lot to learn, but am really looking forward to the new perspectives.

  4. Carolyn, I have really enjoyed following your blog over the past year. Like your posts have so often expressed, I’m sure your future posts will continue to highlight your ‘change’ journey. Keep learning and keep typing…so we can learn right along with you…

    • Paul, I have appreciated your support along the way. I have benefited from your encouragement and positive insights. I value the opportunity to share out here, it has made a huge impact in my learning.
      best to you and hope you are enjoying summer!

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