Invest in me.


cc licensed (BY) flickr photo  shared by h. koppdelaney

Invest in my dreams.
Listen to my ideas, no matter how big or bold. Tell me you believe me with your eyes.
Invest with your time to listen and follow-up.

Invest in my sense of fun.
Laugh deeply with me. Infuse play into our day.
Invest by letting yourself be whimsical and zany.

Invest in my ability to fix mistakes.
Leave space for me to figure out a solution to my problems.
Invest with your trust.

Invest in my self-worth.
Notice when I walk in and greet me by name.
Invest with a smile just for me.

Invest in me as a person.
Interact with me as a whole and complete human being.
Invest by looking beyond today’s agenda.

Invest in my growth.
Be ready for me to change. When I am ready to.
Invest with celebrations of my successes, separate and unique from others.

Invest in my curiosity.
Be excited. Be passionate. Share what you love.
Invest with the belief that I have passions too. Even if I don’t share them.

Invest in my sense of adventure.
Make it challenging, make it clever, make it mysterious.
Invest with the cultivation of your curiosity and sense of wonder.

Invest in my talents.
Notice my uniqueness, no matter how small or quirky.
Invest with your attention to the details of me.

Invest in my heart.
Show me that you are human too.
Invest with your vulnerability.

Invest in my health.
Notice when I look under the weather.
Invest with taking time to ask how I am feeling.

Invest in my independence.
Leave space for me to ask for help when I need it. Notice when I might need a hand.
Invest with watching and knowing exactly what I need.

Invest in my passion.
Offer choice and variety. Notice when my eyes light up.
Invest with the belief that I want to learn.

Invest in my confidence.
Take my questions and suggestions seriously.
Invest with valuing my point of view.

Invest in my identity.
Celebrate and provide examples of diverse ideas and people.
Invest with your awareness and acceptance of diversity.

Invest in my voice.
Ask me what I think. Listen with intent when I tell you.
Invest with honoring my opinion and valuing it.

Invest in the person I can become.
Know that the person I am today does not dictate who I might be tomorrow.
Invest by starting fresh each day.

Invest in the secret me.
Know that I have ideas and dreams that I cherish.
Invest by giving me time to explore.

Invest in my ability to change.
See the potential me, the future me, the me I want to become
Invest with seeing those me’s before I do.

Will you invest in me?


Dedicated to my grandmother, Gang, who invested in everyone she met.

One thought on “Invest in me.

  1. Thank you for this powerful post. It reminds me of my own family who are very relational and work hard at getting to know people. This post reminds me of true partnership, of true teamwork. For these to happen one must push through the pleasantries of surface stuff…and move into the messy spaces of what it means to be human. Thanks for this reminder.

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