Who owns ‘digital citizenship’?

In a hunting society, children play with bows and arrows. In an information society, children play with information.

                                                                            Henry Jenkins

Sign this form here, yupp here. Right at the bottom.

Read this page here, yupp this one. Read it all over. Carefully. It is very important.

These are the rules. Here. We made them for you to follow.

Now you know how it works. Be warned. Be ready.

We do it because we are concerned. About you. Your safety.

Yupp we know what is best. We always do.

Yes. We have consulted ALL the experts. Far and wide. We now have the right answers.

You will be allowed here and here. But not there. There is forbidden.

You can use this and this. But not this. Never this. That is forbidden here. We have our reasons here.

Our reasons.

It’s all for your own good anyway. We have no choice. You do not have the ability to decide for yourself.

It. Is just too dangerous. Way too dangerous. Look at what can happen!

You have seen what can happen!

You should be afraid. You should.

And mistakes. They cannot be tolerated. Cannot and will not. We will keep you safe. You can trust us.

When you leave here. We don’t care what you do. Out there, you can figure it out. For yourselves.

Don’t ask for our help. Then. Follow the rules here. We already made the rules here.

The problems out there. Ignore them. Just. Ignore them. In here we are safe behind these walls.

See them so high. And safe.

Don’t you feel safe in here? With us. Here to make rules for you. Our rules. To protect you.

Now hurry up and sign here. Yupp right here.

Who defines digital citizenship? Who owns it? Who does it serve? 

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