What can I get you with that shame sandwich?

At school:

Carolyn, you are just different. other teachers just aren’t willing to put in the time.

We can’t expect everyone to change!

Well we need to hold students responsible for their learning.

It’s too overwhelming to mention ‘all that’ to teachers, we need to go really slow with this.

Can we buy a new test bank? I don’t have time to make up tests all the time.

The Scantron is broken, we are going to order a new one for $5,00 cause the school can’t function without one.

Don’t share too much, it makes others feel bad.

Don’t go for what you want, wait your turn.

On Twitter:

Teachers who use packets are lazy and unimaginative.

You’re still using grades?

You alone can change the system!

Go for it!

Celebrate you work and share.

Teachers don’t question how education is done.

That’s just pseudo-teaching.

Lazy teacher’s are the real problem.

On parent night:

What is my sons mark?

Is there any bonus work they can do to bring they mark up?

On no, my daughter has to get an A to get into to nursing!

I really like when my son comes home with notes so I can help him study.

At home in the yard:

Are you on holidays again? You teachers got it so good!

How come you are home early?

In my mind:

You aren’t doing enough.

If everyone really knew what went in your classroom they’d think less of you.

Why can’t I change?

Why am I afraid?

Next time I’ll get it right.

Why so I slip back in to old habits?

Why can’t I keep up?

In reality:

Is there one?


Eat the shame sandwich and like it. You decided to become a teacher didn’t you?

Now what can I get you?