If I was a pop star…

If I was a pop star…

I could be played loudly in your household or even directly into your child’s ear and no one would question my presence in your life…singing my content message sweetly (ok maybe not sweetly, but I would try :)) perhaps even multiple times in one day…

I could say what I needed to say without repercussion…when I wrote a song that everyone wanted to listen to…

My song would be mysterious and sweeping, ethereal and haunting. Listening once would never be enough because you would be drawn into the story; I would weave you in with my words.

I would have an entire set up crew…clean up crew, image crew, manager…

Yet..as it stands…

I am not.

A pop star.

I am a classroom teacher.

No support crew, no manager, no wardrobe or make-up (besides my teenage daughter).

My presence, my words, how I choose to perform in your life is questioned and dissected constantly.

If I was a pop star…

I could ask for what I needed to do my job well. Without feeling greedy or needy.

Your child to would be willing to pay $150 to listen me share my ideas in person and you would even drive long distances in snowy weather for your child to see me. Arms in the air… here she comes…your teacher.

Yeah. Not really hey?

Maybe I could just get up on stage and tell my story?

Cause really, that is what I do.

I tell stories for living. I weave schema. I put myself on the line. All of me, I go for it.

I get pumped up. I rehearse daily. Perform daily. Write new material daily.

Except I don’t have a support crew, no one to set up, no back up singers, no roadies.

Just me, just me….just me.

I know what my audience wants and what they need. I can read body language and eye-talk from across the room, adjusting my concert in the blink of an eye. And encores, encores are my speciality.

If I was a pop star, I would sing loudly and boldly, never muting my story to suit you…

cause that’s what pop stars do.

13 thoughts on “If I was a pop star…

    • Ha, you are clever 🙂 and thank you. Some days it is easy to shine when all the stars align in life and especially with such an amazingly positive PLN (I guess I was wrong to say I have no support crew 🙂 ).

    • Hi Mark,
      Why sorry? I was interested in exploring the idea of how we let pop stars without question in our children’s lives but we can be very critical of teachers.I have also been fascinated of late about storytelling and how songwriter have complete freedom to tell their stories.

  1. I love when someone can write what I think or feel. I don’t quite have that gift. This is so perfect, and I am going to link it on on my FB page. Thanks for writing this.

  2. Oh the joy of teaching! I love your poem – it lifted my spirits as I drown on this family day afternoon under a wave of planning and marking that none of my employed housemates are required to do. They are napping, dog walking and enjoying other human company. Not that I am complaining – well, maybe a little bit!

    • Even pop stars complain! It is OK to feel that way, it is when you start to feel that way all the time that you need to step back and examine.
      Hope you had a productive day and a resulting uplifting week ahead.
      Appreciate the comment,

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