Break from blogging for #etmooc: Top posts of 2012.

I will be taking a break from professional blogging over the next couple of months to take on some new projects. This breaks my heart in some ways, but I am very excited to dive into the MOOC world (#etmooc) amongst other projects. Maybe I will see you there?

I thought I might highlight posts that had clicked for you and for me over the last year.

I appreciate your support and comments over the past year of growth and evolution.

1. Dear Points….We need to break up. Inspired by @MrPicc112

2. Excuse me, I think I am having a revolution.

3. Establishing classroom routines: flex time, learning journals, hot seat, packets and more!

4. Recipe for a #flipclass: Homework + worksheets + random videos.

5. Inspired Countdown 2012.

6. Celebrating Canuck chicks who tweet.

2 thoughts on “Break from blogging for #etmooc: Top posts of 2012.

  1. It has been great to connect with you, Carolyn, through your blog and tweets lately. All the best with the new projects. Thanks for all the sharing and conversation and I look forward to staying connected ahead – see you on Twitter! 🙂

    • It has been nice to have some holiday time to slow down, have time to connect to the Tweeters and not just their Tweets. You as well Sheila, great to connect all the way across our big country, it makes it feel a little smaller.
      Curious to see how your blog will evolve for you in the coming months too 🙂
      Definitely see you on Twitter!

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