I am not COVERING the curriculum…anymore.

 “Science is altogether dynamic and wonderfully incomplete.”
David P. Barash


Can’t do it any more.

The prescribed but useless bits of unrecognizable googlable information that I have been force feeding to children for years.

It has to go.

I get why it is here: it is tangible. And tangible is why we gravitate to it... making life appear finite and explainable… defining the edges.

Go here but not here. We like that.

Neat and tidy. A laundry list…


It is not a God. It will not save us. Miraculously.

Because we followed.



Over the years.

I do not accept the curriculum as doctrine.


Submitting. Myself and my kids to it.
As if I am less and these children in my care are less.

Than it... a document…made out of paper.

I did. But…(this is incredibly and inexplicably hard)

I will not.

Any more.

I am more connected to these children than this document. Created by who? when? And why?

I can and will… stand up and say:

1. It is. Not enough.

2. It is dead. It died 10 years ago and has been lying there. A dead, decaying corpse. All of us unsure what to do with it.

3. It has no power. It goes nowhere.

4. It is boring. As. Snot. All chopped up.

5. It was created for and by another generation.

6. It was created to groom students for more of the same.

 And yet, the temptation remains: to rest on our laurels, to celebrate our truly encyclopedic knowledge, to teach it, write it, speak it, learn it, demand that it be mastered as if what we know now is enough.

 David P. Barash

3 thoughts on “I am not COVERING the curriculum…anymore.

  1. I’m with you on this one. Just think about what “Cover the Curriculum” means. It’s a teacher-centered phrase where we dish out some content to satisfy the statement. It doesn’t mean that students will have an opportunity to actually negotiate, discuss and embrace the content.

    • It is such a laden catch phrase; from one perspective it viewed as I did my job well when I covered the curriculum, from another it holds the implication that ALL I did was cover over top of something lightly.
      There is still a lot of hold over from a time when it was highly desirable to “cover all the learning outcomes” and I find it strangely hard (for many reasons) to completely break free of this mindset, and if I am honest I think it is mainly out of fear. However my perspective has shifted, just have to catch up my practice to my point of view.
      Thanks for sharing,

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