The Chasm of Change: How do we bridge the gap?

Lately I have been feeling conflicted…

On the one hand I feel very excited about the change on the horizon that I see, but on the other I feel very frustrated with the speed at which we are moving to the horizon.

I now have a voice in my own learning and feel empowered by this but yet feel stifled and controlled in certain situations that seem contrived to meet someone else’s agenda.

I work with people who share the load and infuse me with ideas and I am inspired to bring my best game but I continue to struggle with those who want the work of learning done for them.

I am continually blown away by the talents and passion for life of students but see the status quo of the system as squelching this passion.

I have conversations that light up my imagination to dream the impossible and then am left bereft with silence in between.

I feel immense joy when working with students in an authentic manner and then feel intense sadness when I come across students who have checked out and aren’t coming back.

I have a new-found taste for risk but the flavour of the month is safe and sound and make everyone comfortable.

When I go out in the morning, leave my class, kids and all, behind, to hear about __________________ as being innovative and how it might change my classroom practice…

I know in a heart-sucking moment, that the cat is out of the bag, it is out, and is not going back in. I could not make it I even if I tried.

And this is not about better or judgement, it is about wondering… How did I get here? Why did I come?

What if I can’t go back? (Half of me wanting to keep going and the other half wanting to return, and feeling guilt for the uncertainty.)

It’s about wondering how do we bridge this widening gap? Can we bridge this gap? Do we build a bridge, is there one to be built?

What if this chasm continues to grow?

Do you see a widening gap? If so what do you do to bridge it?

3 thoughts on “The Chasm of Change: How do we bridge the gap?

  1. Hi Carolyn,

    I only have a moment, but I wanted to leave a comment.

    Don’t give up. Do your art! Take big risks. Ironically, it is the only safe place to be now. The up and coming kids are on an entirely new learning trip and if adults do not start to clue in fast, school will become (is becoming?) largely irrelevant.

    You can’t go back. You are too far down the rabbit hole I am afraid. Do your best to bring people along, but do not for a moment feel guilty if they do not want to come. You cannot force them.

    Bridging the gap requires us to do our art to the fullest. Do, do, do. Lead. Be responsibly subversive. Rock the boat. Kick inertia in the ass to wake it up. To hell with the status quo, it no longer will serve us or our students for the future.

    Keep fighting. Keep gathering daily inspiration. Ignore the naysayers and those that have checked out. They don’t stand a chance in the networked economy where ideas are the currency (until they change their thinking).

    Would love to write more, but have to run…

    Keep rocking it.

    • Jake, thank you for showing up in my life and infusing some much needed positive energy. It was a low day, but your comment reached out and gave me hope and reminded me, yes, I do want to do it, I do….just some days…I try to not look down and try to keep looking forward, up and over into the horizon, but some days, I get tangled up in something I shouldn’t…. and then the uncertainty and confusion sets in.
      Lately (or always) it seems like a roller coaster; great strides forward and then running into a big wall. Through it all I have made some glorious discoveries and incredible connections. Change is just so unbelievably complicated, emotional and equal parts of exhausting and inspiring.
      Yes I, think you are right, and sadly I think school has become irrelevant for too many students I am seeing in grade 12, this is so tragic and breaks my heart. It makes me feel this crazy sense of urgency to get it all done right now before we loose more.
      My heart is full of gratitude for your spirit, care and insights.
      best to you Jake,

      “In giving you are throwing a bridge across the chasm of your solitude”. The Wisdom of the Sands by Antoine de Saint-Exupery.

      • We all have them. Some days are better than others. The way I see it is that the change that is happening is so massive, that the old, status quo will not survive. So I believe it is much safer to be out there, taking the big risks, inciting change because when (not if) the status quo comes down, I will so far out in front that I will have a wealth of options to choose from (you too!)

        I have no doubt that you can do it! Enjoy it! Keep writing and tweeting!

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