Getting organized: Livescribe Echo pen and Evernote.

I like taking notes!!
Do you take hand written notes and wish you could access them from your computer?
Are there places you go where you wish you could have your laptop but it is just not feasible?
Do you talk ideas through to make sense of them in your own head?
Do you use Evernote to sync all your devices?
I love taking handwritten notes and have copy books full. I also like to brainstorm big on paper before going in to hammer out smaller details.
Sometimes I wished I could take those notes and access them from my computer or turn them into a presentation.
I was also trying to figure out a way for students to gather up artifacts of their learning and be able to access them from multi platforms.
I decided if I was going to get students going on this idea, I better get going on this idea first. Evernote seemed to be the solution for storing, organizing and accessing all kinds of data from several devices.
But it got even better when I saw this article tweeted by Steven Anderson which hooked me even further.
I was in!
Livescribe Connect- Column at left shows all the places you can connect to.
Livescribe Connect- Column at left shows all the places you can connect to.

I can record these “pencasts” on paper (livescribe dot paper) and then sync them to all the other places in my life (email, Google Docs, Evernote, Facebook, etc.).
I am still not a Evernote or Livescribe Jedi master, but I find it very handy for synching my phone to my computer and for accessing my pencasts.

What I have found most beneficial in using the Livescribe pen is the ability to record “the talk” going on while the notes were taken. I have also found it helpful for me when I “talk through notes” I have taken (especially when family has heard enough!). The talking seems to cement the important parts of the notes in a more meaningful manner.

Livescribe echo pen and livescribe dot paper.
Livescribe Echo pen and livescribe dot paper.

Watch the Gadget Review: “Spoodling: Speaking whilst doodling!” for a funny overview of Livescribe pen capabilities.

3 thoughts on “Getting organized: Livescribe Echo pen and Evernote.

  1. Ooooh I love evernote, I got addicted to it this summer, but I haven’t tried the livescribe. I’ve been using the mobile version on my phone or ipad for those times when ideas come to me and I’m not on my computer. I use voice memo in evernote when I don’t have time to type it. Can handwritten notes be changed into text? My handwriting is so terribly terribly awful though… livescribe free now?

    • Yes handwriting can be changed to text – need an app to do. But it is amazing to have some important notes with voice show up in Evernote. The possibilities of Evernote are seem immense, still just scratching the surface. The connect part of Livescribve if free (it comes with pen) they now have a wireless one out.

  2. The link to Steve Anderson’s twitter feed come sup with a malware warning. Might be a false positive but scared the heck out of me 😎 I’m away to buy a Livescribe from Amazon UK though 😎

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