Growing Dreams in the Social Media Landscape.

What do you dream of? What do the inner whisperings of your soul say to you? Can you hear them? Are they muffled by what you think you should do or should become?

I love big challenging projects that don’t seem to have obvious and immediate purpose. I love to daydream and imagine…the impossible, the really impossible.

Do you?

Since September I have been working with a group of kids (what I call my students) outside of the timetable in a very free-form manner. On the surface and to an outside observer, I am sure it looks like quite a disaster; we meet one morning a week and when we do, it is not like “class”; there are no handouts, no lesson plan, no assignments for marks, no due dates, no projects for the sake of projects, no lectures…no… not a lot of what I was trained and told a good teacher must and should do.

When we meet, we all talk at the same time, and in a very non linear fashion; the conversation pings all over the place. Crazy ideas peek out. Instead of playing whack-a-mole, we grab them and embrace them as long-lost friends. We then scatter, like seeds to the wind, and do what we need to do. Each growing our project and seeing what it grows into or if it will even be viable. We ask each other for help and reach out to others beyond our classroom and school. We collaborate frequently via text, phone, email, Facebook and share a Wikispace to create a trail of our musings and dreams.

Maybe you think… well… what a waste of time….how random and non-productive.


The most wonderous and fabulous thing happened. We imagined a crazy, wild, out-there dream and went for it full-bore. We worked non stop over a 6 week period to put together a project that we hoped would create buzz and interest in Social Media at OKM to create a culture of sharing and connectedness. We envisioned that students might want to connect to something fun and exciting rather be told to be interested in something outdated and stale.

Children should dream, a lot, and often. They should know that they can change their world, their community and their school. Not just hope that maybe one day down the road they can hopefully, maybe, if they play their cards right, make some meaningful change.

So Thish, Aaron, Stanley, Freya, Spencer, Cam, Harrison, Arpan, and Mackenzie…you are, each of you, the bees knees. Love you guys to bits, up to the moon and back! My heart is full to bursting watching the joy on your faces.

Leanne, Mark, Ryan , Ed, Meghan, Keith, Melinda, Cryil, Travis, Kaare, Amy, Jaiden, Rick, Graham, Fausty, Murray, Jenn, Olivia, Karla, Solenn, Katie, Maria, Mr. Skeleton and OKM H. Usky…thanks for supporting and believing in our dream.

You ALL made it happen!

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