Before I met you…

Before I met  you…my dreams were tattered and faded, like my Grandma’s best linen table-cloth, so precious, but no longer in use.

Before we met…I cut corners, not to get to where I wanted, but to get away from where I was.

Before we met…my idealism was up on the top shelf in a dusty box.

Before we met…I had calluses from digging but only drops of water to show.

Before I met you…my enthusiasm was stuffed shamefully; a dirty hanky in a back pocket.

Before I met you…each day I put on protective armour to do battle.

Before we met…my shoes had holes from walking in circles.

Before we met…problems were boulders standing impassable in my way.

Before I met you…my intuition was sacrificed in service of the system.

Then we met…

Since I met you…my heart is full to bursting with unfettered enthusiasm.

Since we met…my dusty idealism is off the shelf and polished it to a brilliant shine.

Since I met you…the rocks have been pulverized into fine, beautiful sand, that is carried easily with a gentle breeze.

Since we met…I see the picture of the puzzle I am assembling.

Since I met you…I get a fresh batch of clues, inspiration and input everyday.

Since we met…my dreams are bold, beautiful and come to life.

Since we met…I am empowered to trust myself.

Since we met… I am challenged, awakened, invigorated and want my students to be gifted with the same.

Since I met you…I know who I am: a connected educator.

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