Flipping the department meeting.

Department meetings are…well…they are meetings!

They are useful in the sense that there is pertinent information that needs to be shared, especially at the start of the year. Unfortunately a lot of the items to share are just information; this how to order, this is how much money in our budget, etc.

Most of our meeting time gets eaten up by information relay and this leaves little time for any collaboration or sharing. Yes you could send people an email…but I think most would agree, they might not get around to reading all of it (if at all).

These meetings happen at lunchtime (our lunch break is 40 minutes) when everyone is short on time to fit in eating, taking a break and getting organized for the afternoon.

With that in mind, I thought I would do a trial “flip” meeting, get feedback and see if this is a more efficient use of people’s time.

Check out the video if of interest to you:

OKM Sc. Dept. Meeting.

What do you think?

Would you like your department meeting to be flipped?

Are your department meeting spent going over information or is their enough time for collaboration and sharing?

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