I blog…

I blog to untangle my most treasured thoughts and ideas, strands glistening, but interwoven in a complicated knot.

I blog to soften my heart and sharpen my brain.

I blog because I can’t figure it out on my own…I never could…but now I can admit it, to myself, to the world (who never really cared anyway).

I blog because you can’t hear me through these classroom walls.

I blog because I have no choice.

I blog to reach out a tenuous, tender and tentative finger towards you.

I blog to pry open this oyster and find the pearl.

I blog to hold up a rear view mirror and trace the long windy path I have travelled.

I blog because reflection feels really good.

I blog to let down this heavy anchor in rough seas in this safe and calm bay.

I blog because I need to connect to you.

I blog to knit together the bits of  yarn you have shared with me, strikingly eclectic; I unravel it many times to examine each piece.

I blog because I cannot get it right the first time.

I blog to imagine the classroom of my dreams.

I blog to create brain-callouses so I can climb steeper hills next time.

I blog to sharpen my machete so I can chop ferociously through the undergrowth that grows faster than I can talk.

I blog to hook onto the zip line that crosses this deep unknown ravine.

I blog to call out…..HELLO…. have you found the edge yet?

I blog to rent the expensive shiny purses before I buy.

I blog to remember why I started down this path in the first place.

I blog to connect to my most idealist self and let go of my cynical one.

I blog because in the middle of the night when I hear my heart I need to listen.

And you?

6 thoughts on “I blog…

  1. Still in discovery myself…will let you know 🙂
    Thanks for such a willingness to put yourself out there.

    Gives the rest of us a bit of courage.

    May your heart never get the “times up” music …

    • Well I have nothing to lose, expect keeping the ideas in, which after a while just hurts 🙂
      But thanks Lindsay, sounds like you are on your way to finding out, I look forward to finding out why you blog!!

  2. Thanks for such an honest and vulnerable post. I have read a ton of blogs in the past few days and this is one of my favorite posts as I contemplate my own venturing into the blogging world. Your use of imagery is very effective.

    • Hi Blaise, thanks for the very kind compliment. Sometimes it is easy to open up, and others not so much. Hope you make your move into to the blogging world and get hooked too!

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