Sick of review worksheets? Bingo!? Everybody loves BINGO. Review gold.

Under the B…….

Before the Bingo session, make up Bingo cards and decide on your 5 categories for review. For example, mine today were 1. Respiration 2.Divisions of Nervous  3. Endocrine 4. Neuron Structure/Reflex 5. Grad Trivia.

I always have one “fun” category, students LOVE this! Silly Trivia, Cartoons, Music are all possible examples.

Rules for BINGO as below:
1. Give students 5 small pieces of blank paper. On the front side of each students write the category.

2. On the front of each sheet student come up with a question and on the back side they place the answer. Specify that low-level or obvious questions are NO GOOD. Challenge them to look through their materials, and come up with thoughtful questions. Encourage them to really dig into all their materials (some students even get organized during this phase). Due to space constraints, answers should be kept to a few words. 

3. As students finish their five questions, they come up to front and write their ANSWERS on whiteboard. (remind them to write neatly as classmates will have to copy their answers down, can’t you tell they followed this instruction?).

Students write answers on board.

4. After they have recorded answer on board, drop q/a sheets into bucket at front.

5. After all answers are up on board students select their favorite answers to fill up their bingo cards.

6.  After all that commotion, I get students to swap bingo cards. This allows for more winners.

7. Decide on Bingo pattern. We usually play for a line in first game.

Full Sheet and ready to Play!

8. Ready to play! Select sheets randomly from bucket and read ONLY the question. Students can circle answers and then use different symbols for subsequent games.

9. Students must yell BINGO! Usually I will check over their Bingo card to verify. Prizes awarded to bingo card maker and bingo card player.

10.Next game, 2 lines, blackout, the sky is the limit!!

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