Controlled Chaos

Kids in charge, talking lots, talking loudly, talking enthusiastically.  Kids at the front of the room conducting, uh, the class, in their own way. Not in my way.They made up a game for the class to play in groups. They cheer, they laugh, they aren’t bothered by the noise; controlled chaos. They have answers, they know answers. The answers are their own answers, not mine.

Kids opening cupboards, getting their supplies out, making their project, talking about it all the while, taking some photos. Kids summarizing on the white boards, looking up some information on their phones. Walking around to see what another group is doing.

And me….off to the side, watching, in amazement and in awe. Perhaps a little lost, they can do it all without me. I am happy-sad.

This is their class. Not mine.

2 thoughts on “Controlled Chaos

  1. Are you flipping the class for all topics? I am interested in trying this. Does your class actually do their learning lessons at home? I have a good deal of trouble with students doing their homework. i am wondering if doing the lesson is easier than traditional homework so they are more likely to do it? Let me know.

    • Hi Karen, yes I have fully flipped my classes and I am heading into to the second semester of flipping. I still review and discuss topics in class. I never assigned a great amount of homework before I flipped. Now students are responsible to watch 1 ten minute video before class and complete summary notes and formulate questions. We then use these questions to start our review in class. If students do not complete the summary the students don’t participate in the group activity for the day (usually a lab). We are holding a flipped conference ( ) in June if you are considering flipping for next year.
      thanks for your readership,

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